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All new houses and renovations to existing houses in the Northern Territory must achieve a 5-star energy rating. All new apartments built in the NT must achieve a 3.5-star energy rating.

Choosing BOA Homes to build your new home is sensible as we offer a higher quality build, the latest stylish designs and superior sustainability which means more benefits for your family, all year round, at no extra cost. Our experience in both traditional and modern construction methods is unparalleled, allowing us to specialise in producing highly energy efficient homes.

Building, buying or renovating a house is an important decision. There are many factors to consider such as, budget, location and functionality. But did you know that if you are building a new home or undertaking major renovations, you will likely need to meet minimum state and territory building energy efficiency requirements based on the National Construction Code.

BOA Homes is GreenSmart Accredited.

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